Elegant IT Services Internet Marketing Scholarship

Elegant IT services is a leading IT and Non- IT courses training institute in Marathahalli. Since the past few years, we have been instrumental in, guiding, providing the right skill sets and paving the right career path for thousands of students. We take immense pride in the success of all those students who have walked in through our doors with hopes and dreams and flew out in flying colours.

Here at Elegant IT Services, we seek to educate students about online marketing. We also help students to have placement in some of the big companies in the field.

We’d like to encourage students to learn more about internet marketing, and as an incentive, we’ve created the Elegant IT Services Internet Marketing Scholarship as a way to reach out to those who have a real passion for online marketing. Any student can qualify, but those who are in a relevant field are likely to enjoy it the most.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then read on and see if you’re eligible.

General Terms of Participation

To participate in this scholarship program you will have to research and create a piece of content between 500-1000 words on the subject. Internet Marketing and its Importance in 2018.

We want you to include the following ideas:

  1. Why do you believe that internet marketing is important?
  2. How is this utilized on our website/articles?

The person who does the best will receive $1000 that can be used either in course materials or other resources. If you would like to know more, please continue reading.

Eligibility and Creativity

This scholarship is only for students that are currently enrolled in colleges, universities or high schools.

The piece of content you are going to create must be unique and creative. The words of your content must be able to convince anyone that you know what you’re doing and you are correct.

While reading the articles that are submitted, we will take note of several factors including creativity, the value of the provided information and few others.

How to Submit Your Application

Firstly, write an article of 500-1000 words long and submit to us via a word .doc file. Additionally, please add the URL to your website (If you have any).

When you will be done with these steps, email us at naval@elegantitservices.com with all of the details listed below and attached Word document.

  1. Personal Details (First name; Last name, Phone, and Address).
  2. School Name.
  3. Area of Study.
  4. Any document which can proof that you are a Student.

By submitting your article, you are giving us the permission to use it either for promotions and marketing purposes.


The final date for submission is Jun 30 2018, and we will choose the winner by July 15th 2018 and the check will be mailed out by Jun 20th 2018.

$1,000 check will be sent directly to your college.

We run our scholarship program every year.

7 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure is Better Than AWS (Infographics)

Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure feature in the Leader’s quadrant on Gartner’s 2015 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant. This is a big feat for Microsoft as Azure entered the Cloud Computing scene only in 2010, whereas AWS was launched back in 2006. Azure has made significant advances over the years. It now offers a set of features and capabilities far surpassing its competitors.

Here is an Infographic created by Elegant IT Services of the 7 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure is Better Than AWS:

Azure Is Better Than AWS

Choosing the right Cloud vendor is a very important decision for enterprises. Azure offers the hybrid solution, PaaS, and an array of other beneficial features, which are important for any Cloud strategy today. Numerous enterprises have witnessed accelerated business growth by migrating to Azure. As a result, Azure comes to the fore as a considerably better choice compared to AWS.

Hope you like this infographic.

Also, you can Join Our Microsoft Azure Training in Marathahalli . Good Luck!

Quick Guide For Correcting AutoCAD Files Errors

It is quite possible that sometimes you will get an AutoCAD drawing file that is corrupt. It may have some type of glitch in its own data. This can occur, for example, once the drawing was made at a non-AutoCAD software atmosphere. Several software packages out there in the industry promise to be more compatible with AutoCAD, when in fact they have limited capacity to export a great DWG file. Utilizing AutoCAD tools in non-invasive manners, unintentionally or intentionally, like creating a zero length line or creating a text object which does not have any text in it may also result in corruption in the documents. Should you refrain from taking away the corrupt components, the drawing may lead to worse or issues cause a blue screen crash. Fortunately, cleaning a corrupt file is usually simple and it is imperative that you check frequently to make sure that your dwg format document is clean and free from glitches.

Problems of Corrupted Documents:

  • Document does not open, crashes or hangs AutoCAD

  • The operation slows down if a edits and manipulates the document

  • When working or opening in the document, an error message plants up

  • Some controls do not operate or have a Significant delay

  • The document size increases with No knowledge

  • Issues Linked to Display/Regen surface

  • Drawing components are missing

Causes for Corrupted Documents:

  • Third party applications running inside AutoCAD is one of the main causes for corrupted files

  • DWG files saved or created from non-Autodesk or non-RealDWG goods

  • Old drawings utilized repeatedly within the course of decades

  • Defective or neglecting RAM

  • Storage media degradation

  • Issues related to operating system and surging of power

Repair and Recovery

When a drawing file becomes damaged, a few or all the data could be retrieved by using commands to ascertain and fix errors. These controls could be learned in thickness by anybody who attends an AutoCAD course. Once an error happens, diagnostic data is listed in the acad.err document or acadlt.err document for AutoCAD LT, which you may use to report an issue. When the corrupt data becomes discovered then a drawing document is marked as damaged, or even in the event that you ask the drawing will be stored following an app failure. You’ll get a recovery notification that’s exhibited whilst opening the drawing file that’s damaged and requires retrieval. Here you can

  • Recover — plays an audit, and tries to start, any drawing on file

  • Recover all — like recuperate, this also operates on most of nested xrefs.

  • Audit — finds and corrects mistakes in the present drawing

  • RecoverAuto — controls the screen of retrieval alarms before or after launching a busted drawing file

  • Elegant IT Services’ top AutoCAD training center in Marathahalli always strives to supply the ideal AutoCAD training in Marathahalli into the aspirant. Backed by seasoned and well-trained school and the ideal infrastructure, such as classroom and online courses, we provide the most effective architectural internships in India.

    Cloud Computing Replacing: What Remains at Last?

    As an IT Trainer, from training institute in Marathahalli, I did research about this topic and i found that the development of cloud computing has turned into plenty of things from the center structure of an IT business. The entire effect overall is to be completely sensed. A growing number of businesses, IT-dependent areas, Government associations and almost every other area which has an IT division is currently actively attempting to maneuver to cloud or even already transferred to cloud.

    IT expenditure Trends

    The more public cloud services providers are accommodated and marketed, the more conventional hardware and software vendors are decreasing. Though the change began quite a while ago, it’s getting evident just recently. An international technology outlook, Barclays, has come to the same conclusion that for each $1 that is spent on cloud infrastructure; many bucks are departing from IT end-markets. This in a way effects global IT expenditure.

    451 Group, a research company mentions that IaaS earnings for cloud suppliers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) will go from an annual rate of 57% to reach $10.2 billion. A number of experts forecast that Enterprise tech powerhouses could observe a low in earnings due to cloud computing consider over.

    Though companies like these are already working with the cloud, they do this at the cost of traditional companies that they were famous for. In certain instances, for $1 of cloud earnings they’re ready to book, they might wind up losing $2 within their conventional hardware and software businesses.

    What cloud computing is hitting at are:

    1. Corporate information centers
    2. Expensive software updates
    3. Pricey pc hardware

    Businesses which exist exclusively by the conventional enterprise applications development and systems integration will find that their world change. System integrators also generally battle with on assumptions integration for on assumptions usage because their customers find cloud architectures more dependable. Provided that conventional IT companies change their offerings and abilities in a great time, they won’t have to observe losses. That is the reason there’s a spike in demand for cloud engineers.

    What stays?

    What’s going to continue to stay is the bare principles and operational purposes — the essentials of architecture, design, safety, operation, direction, and confidence. These would be precisely the same — if one uses conventional localized information centers or people cloud solutions. The sourcing and the mechanisms surely change but many operations stay, in a manner in which the remaining part of the workforce might not even feel that the silent but important change their firm just went through. IT job aspirants can surely money in on this by getting business-oriented cloud computing training in Marathahalli. Cloud computing surely is an excellent career option for the current and the near future!

    Best Tips for Students to Find Training Institute in Marathahalli in 2018

    There is a rising tendency among engineering students to go for training classes after completing their course if they don’t have any job. Does this mean that the four years of your engineering course are waste? If it possible that a 6-month training class could land you a job rather than a 4-year long one, then who is to blame?

    The questions above are very difficult to answer now. We will have to watch for the correct answer if there’s one. Instead, what I want to concentrate upon is the choice of training institutes in Marathahalli.

    There are a number of training institutes in Marathahalli. Obviously, it is very good for business. Education and healthcare are two businesses which will forever in the boom, however hard recession strikes. This is precisely why you’ve got growing numbers of training institutes, however, decreasing quality.

    I am writing this article, with experience from three verticals –

    • Having asked about the expertise of students who’ve attended such training classes

    • Having spoken with Industry experts who have hired applicants that have completed such training classes (of course one year or less), following conclusion of the engineering graduation

    • By checking the inside out working of one of our clients who runs a Technical Training Institute.

    As students had spent a fantastic amount of their engineering level, the conclusion on spending more on a training course has to be taken sensibly. Having considered three distinct views for this circumstance, I’d love to record a couple points students must bear in mind when selecting a training institute/organization in Marathahalli.

    1. Check Out Track Record

    Do a little background research and find out just how long the training institute has been active. Can they possess a continuous history of providing training? Or have they gone and come out of the industry? The latter reveals an inconsistency which could resonate with low training criteria.

    2. Enquire With Alumni

    Ask somebody who has already finished their training in some of the training institutes you’re looking for. Since they have the firsthand expertise and understand the teaching approaches of this institute, they will provide you a severe opinion on whether to join or not.

    3. Training Methods and Course Resources

    The institute you pick should have a well-defined training methodology and training stuff. Video tutorials, audio podcasts, PPTs along with other supporting materials make even complex subjects easier to comprehend with minimum work. Even after the conclusion of your class, the substances you’ve been supplied should function as a fantastic technical reference.

    4. Instructors

    Better course materials are not enough. If this was true, the majority of you would have a job after engineering. Ensure to know in advance who is the instructor or who would be teaching/training you. Asking for a biographical timeline of this instructor so you’ve got a chance to find out if the instructor has relevant knowledge in the specialty you’re looking for.

    5. Industry Standard Fees

    Let us get this right. It does not matter at all that how great the course is, the charges consistently play a significant role. Enquire with rather a fantastic number of training institutes concerning the prices so you obtain a median assortment of the industry standard. According to this, examine the best choice and do it. In case the very best one is pricey, it is your call on whether to compromise quality or cost.

    6. Syllabus

    Check and compare the syllabus of all the institutes together. Who has not shifted their syllabus within the last ten years? Who affects their syllabus every 6 weeks to remain up-to-date together with all the industry changes? Examine such facets to be certain you don’t waste 6 weeks learning some tech that is long obsolete.

    7. Placement Opportunities

    Quite many of training institutes ensure placements, but some offer no warranty, but nevertheless tend to assist the students with positioning after completion. Take an idea about the positioning opportunities from several institutes.

    As for me when I recommended a student for selenium training in Marathahalli, I found the individuals who offer no guarantee of positioning to fare better and offer greater justice. If you do not have a job after 4 years of an engineering level, how do you expect a person to guarantee you a job following a span of 6 weeks? No offense intended, but the fact always hits hard.

    Again, not everybody goes for training applications simply because they did not get work. Many join with the pure interest in getting additional hands-on expertise. For them also, have a fantastic look at the positioning opportunities. Ensure that you join a class after deciding in advance that flow of area you’d wish to operate in, as a livelihood.

    8. Do Not Join To Get Fun

    Just because your buddy joins a training institute, do not jump blindly and cover the charges also. Get to know if the institute will fulfill your requirements of providing you with all the ideal technical proficiency on completion of course. Rest everything is merely an illusion to deviate you from your course.

    So is it not the right time to join best training institute in Marathahalli? Good Luck!!

    Re-skill to retain ​your ​JOBS!

    India has always been a source of development that has benefited the world. Beginning from the ‘0’ Zero, Plastic surgeries, Ayurvedic medicines, Yoga and Spices, everything has come from INDIA. The latest addition to this list of contribution is our IT professionals. In the past 20 years India has been a major IT back office, coding big releases for an IT companies all over the world.

    Then what exactly is making the IT people lose their jobs? The answer lies with people like us, who want the technology updated day to day. As simple as the smart phones we use, we want it updated so we keep getting rid of the old one. So do all the companies want its professionals to be updated.

    That is why you need to re-skill to retain our jobs. We’ve exclusively listed few updated trends that you need to catch up on.

    Big Data / Apache Hadoop

    Big Data is a technology which refers to large or complex data sets which cannot be handled by the traditional data processing software. Apache Hadoop is an open source application framework under which big data sets are processed using distributed storage, computer clusters and commodity hardware systems.
    Thanks to various benefits it offers to the businesses, Big Data/ Apache Hadoop has been gaining tremendous growth in the IT world.

    Data analytics

    The importance of data has grown its branches all over the place. Data Analytics helps businesses in analyzing the available data and categorizing the same in smaller chunks to help identify and analyze the behavioural data patterns to help achieve business goals.

    Machine learning

    Machine learning deals with “the computer’s the ability to learn without being programmed.” The science of machine learning is based on pattern recognition and computational learning theory. Although, these two concepts are an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, they play a huge role in developing machine learning that helps in providing products and services based upon the location, time or any other factor.

    Instagram uses machine learning to identify the contextual meaning of emoji, which have been steadily replacing slang (for instance, a laughing emoji could replace “lol”).


    AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or animals. A computer or a machine is termed to have AI when they are able to take conscious decisions that are generally associated with human mind. Learning and Problem-Solving form the two core aspects of machine learning.

    What makes AI a very interesting tech field is its evolving nature because there are no boundaries or limits to this domain, making it one of the most interesting domains in Information Technology to work upon.

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing covers the vast scope of computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services and makes them part of an ever expanding sharable network. With the increasing need of data and storage, cloud computing seems to have picked up the pace in the recent years. Therefore, it surely strikes as one of the best available IT skills that one should possess.

    Internet of things (IoT)

    IoT is about infusing technology into everyday objects to make it more easier to use while also allowing one to control them remotely. Smart lights and smart doors are the perfect examples of IoT. This field presents immense potential for IT professionals to develop a lucrative career option.

    The above mentioned technology have just stated making its foot strong in reality. As all of them are in its evolving stage they provide a great scope for the IT Professionals.

    Now it is your call. If you want to lose your job due to lack of skills, or you want to be the employer’s priority with a new set of skills upgraded in you!

    Mounika Kommineni

    I have taken SQL training in elegant it services. Th trainer was excellent and very interactive. He explained all the concepts with real-time examples. He cleared all the doubts in very understanding way. The institute provides lab facility to explore on hands_on practice with the daily exercises.

    Siba Sundar Sahu

    I have done sysops (AWS sysops) in Elegant. The faculty is good and more practical oriented. You have to catch up the things as soon as possible in short time. Note expectation you can expect during end of the course. Overall good experience.

    Sarath C R

    I took Salesforce training with Elgant IT Services..The trainer is very good in terms of explaining the technical terms… and good in explaining admin things… I would recommend this course to everyone.