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Best Salesforce Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Efforts are the true yardstick of success. Here is your time to redirect all your efforts in the right directions so that you get all the desired results of success.

By joining the Best Salesforce Training Classes provided by Elegant IT Services you would definitely be redirecting your efforts to achieve greater heights in your career.

Why to Choose Elegant's Best Salesforce Training in Marathahalli Bangalore?

Perhaps it’s that dream job you are praying for or it might also be the promotion that you have been waiting for, whatever your dreams, if you dream to call yourself an expert Salesforce administrator, then the best salesforce course provided by professional Salesforce Training Consultants and Trainers is all that you need.

With the advent of the digital era the role of software in ensuring smooth flow of processes over the web has been gaining primary importance. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Salesforce administrators play a key role in driving the digital revolution by ensuring that every organization achieves its objectives effectively.

Elegant IT Services is highly regarded for carving Salesforce administration aspirants into professional and skilled Salesforce administrators. Be it in the field of IT/Non-IT Training they are mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it interesting.

With certified experts on board the course curriculum of this best Salesforce training institute has been designed keeping in mind the industry’s requirements so that every student evolves into a professional who is ready to take on the challenges of tough professional scenarios head-on.

Elegant IT services which provide Top Salesforce training in Marathahalli is also an authorized Pearson VUE Exam Test Center in Bangalore. Pearson VUE believes testing and certification is at the art of the learning experience and Elegant IT Services is one of the top Salesforce Training Institute in Marathahalli Bangalore is the right place which offers accessible and secure testing to its students.

Convenience and Ease are added advantages of taking this course because its tutorials are scheduled normally at a time that best suits the requirements of the students. Regular Daytime Classes, Weekend sessions, and quick fast track training classes are some of the plethoras of services which are offered as a part of this top Salesforce Course in Marathahalli Bangalore.

Highly economical and Tailor made as per the training requirements, Elegant’s top Salesforce Training Classes is primarily focused towards making its students confident and comfortable in cracking interviews. The cherry on the cake is that the students can access the course anywhere with its online training portal.

And that is one of the main reasons why the course is not only time effective but also cost-effective. A one-stop destination for the top Salesforce Training Course, Elegant IT provides its candidates with a captivating interactive and enriching environment of learning.

So what are you waiting for? Join Elegant’s Best Salesforce Training in Marathahalli and be a driving force of the Digital Revolution.

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Curriculum of our Salesforce Course in Marathahalli

Salesforce Admin

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing?
  • Different types of Cloud Computing?
  • Cloud Computing services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)

2. Introduction to Salesforce.com

  • What is Salesforce?
  • Creation of Salesforce Developer Account?
  • Components of Salesforce.
  • Data types and field types.
  • Creation of Custom Objects.
  • Creation of Custom fields.
  • Creation of Custom tabs.
  • Creation of Custom views.

3. Creation of different Custom fields

  • Picklist
  • Field dependency.
  • Formula Fields.
  • Validation Rule.
  • Relationships in Salesforce.
  • Master-Detail relationship
  • Roll-up Summary fields
  • Custom Views.

4. Service Cloud topics in CRM

  • Creation of New Lead.
  • Convert Lead to Opportunity.
  • Creation of Web-to-lead forms.
  • New Account.
  • New Contact.
  • New Opportunity.
  • Adding product and price book to an opportunity.
  • Activities
  • Quote template
  • Generate Quote template
  • Email a Quote template
  • Lead assignment rule
  • Lead queue

5. Salesforce Security Tutorials

  • Security Model overview
  • Create profiles
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Profiles and user licenses
  • Field level security, Organization wide default settings.

6. Data Loaders

  • Data Loaders overview.
  • Insert records.
  • Update records.
  • Update and Insert records using UPSERT.
  • Delete records.
  • Export records.

7. Data Analytics with Reports and Dashboards

  • Introduction to Reports & Dashboards.
  • Report type & Folder creation for Reports & Dashboards.
  • Custom Reports.

8. Implementing Business Processes

  • Workflow Rules
  • Creation of Workflow rules and actions.
  • Task creation.
  • Email Alert.
  • Field Update.
  • Outbound Message.
  • Approval processes.
  • Example of Approval process.

9. Salesforce Chatter Tutorial

  • What is Salesforce Chatter and its benefits?
  • Different types of Chatter Objects.
  • Features and settings.
  • Additional Salesforce Chatter Features.
  • How to enable feed tracking & Creating new groups.
  • Salesforce file storage through Chatter.

10. Productive tools

  • Converting a 15-digit Salesforce opportunity ID to 18-digit using formula fields.
  • Generating help pages for custom objects using visual force and a PDF development.

11. Outlook Email integration

  • Setting up Salesforce for Outlook Configuration
  • Installing the Salesforce for Outlook software on a local machine.
  • Configuring the Salesforce for Outlook software on a local machine.

Salesforce Development

1. Introduction to SOQL

  • What is SOQL?
  • SOQL syntax.
  • Writing first SOQL statement.

2. Basic SOQL statements

  • The Alias notation.
  • WHERE Clause
  • Comparison Operators
  • IN Operator
  • Logical Operators
  • ORDER BY Clause

Advanced SOQL statements

  • SOQL relationships.
  • Filtering multiselect picklist values.
  • Escape Sequences.
  • Date formats.
  • Date literals.
  • FOR VIEW Clause.

4. Function in SOQL

5. Additional functions

  • What is Inner Joins & Outer Joins?
  • What is Semi-Joins & Anti-Joins?

6. SOQL tools

  • Force.com explorer software.
  • Dataloader.io

7. SOSL – Salesforce Object Search Language

  • Understanding Basic SOSL.

8. Apex Programming

  • Class
  • Methods
  • Data types
  • Collections
  • Anonymous blocks
  • SOQL and SOSL

Exception handling, Testing and Debugging

  • Exception handling
  • Unit testing and Test methods
  • Debugging

10. Triggers, Governor Limits, DMLs

  • DMLs and Database operations
  • Triggers
  • Bulkification

Introduction to Visualforce

  • How to install force.com IDE.
  • What is Force.com platform?
  • What is Visualforce?
  • Salesforce Model-View-Controller architecture.

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